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Presenting a new way.... commemorate special people, places, and moments... in Wood and Shadows. Our unique artform, Shadowcarving, renders our subjects in a surprisingly defined image that constantly changes in tone and contrast in accordance with the ambient light and the viewer's position. Keep in mind that these are 3-dimensional pieces, whose ambient effect cannot be fully appreciated in a 2-D image.  Wander through this website and you will surely be inspired to consider a ShadowCarving whenever you have someone, or some moment you would like to honor and remember.

And it is easier than you might imagine to surprise and delight your family, friends, and even yourself, with a ShadowCarving to fulfill your inspiration.  We can deliver your stunning, eternal art piece in a timely  manner (can be 2 weeks or even much less if required) more affordably than you might expect.

Contact Us in English (Francis):

email: [email protected] Phone: (418) 264-6529

Contactez-nous en français (Marilou)

courriel: [email protected]          téléphone (418) 575-8682

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